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He is, according to the North Korean government, a real human being after all.

The world has been underwhelmed by the images of North Korea’s state news agency Rodong Sinmun publishing photos of a man called Kim Pyong-il, who it says is the “father of North Korea’s economy.”

But perhaps that is because he is one of a handful of people who have the priviledge to know the truth about Kim Jong-un’s father Kim Jong-il – the late leader of the North Korean state.

Kim Pyong-il is regarded as an elite engineer and a member of North Korea’s “Kitepresidency,” or administration of the North’s top party body, the Central Committee, and was appointed deputy governor of the party’s Manmadong province in August 2010. His position was confirmed by an official KCNA report on a cabinet meeting in August 2012.

A KCNA statement praised Kim Pyong-il as “being respected as an engineer who possesses a revolutionary political consciousness and good moral principles,” while noting that he “voluntarily offered his service for the party and the revolution.”

Little is known about Kim Pyong-il’s background – there are very few photos of him on the internet and there is only one entry in Wikipedia.

A KCNA statement on Tuesday, however, does praise him, calling him a “masterful politician and statesman.” It also hailed him as the “sworn president of North Korea’s economy, which was founded on the basis of Mount Paektu.”

North Korea’s economy is nearly identical to that of Cuba’s: it is highly centralized, with the state holding the top positions in everything from iron production to shipbuilding.

Cuba’s leader, Castro, was given the job of head of state in 1976, the year Kim Il-sung became party leader, and the two men worked together to create the island’s military and to build the economic base of the communist regime.

Although the Cuban state media has never acknowledged Kim Jong-il’s involvement in North Korea’s economy, he remains revered in the country and North Korea experts say that he and Kim Jong-il controlled the economy “at all times.”

Kim Jong-

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Dylan Earl – Developer at Gnosis (founding team)

Dylan is a developer at Gnosis, building the Gnosis marketplace app using React, Redux, Firebase, and Flux. Dylan is the co-organizer of our meetup series.

Dylan comes from a background in research and mathematical foundations and has been programming for almost two decades. Prior to joining Gnosis, Dylan worked at Apple and Google for a total of five years. Dylan earned his degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo and is currently pursuing a Masters degree at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth. He can be found on GitHub under the name geos1.

Matthew Heusser – Developer at Gnosis (founding team)

Matthew is a developer at Gnosis and is a member of the team that started the React and Redux meetup series. In his spare time, he focuses on researching in the areas of distributed systems, programming languages and parallel and distributed computing.

Cody Vansintjens – Developer at Gnosis (founding team)

Cody is a software developer at Gnosis. She will be giving a presentation on the fundamentals of React and Redux. Cody is the co-organizer of our React and Redux meetup series.

Prior to joining the Gnosis team, Cody graduated from the University of Waterloo. She also worked at Bosch and General Electric. Cody enjoys open source and has worked for several major software companies.


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