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If a vector field is conservative, it’s true.

Let $\textbf{F}:\mathbb{R}^3 \to \mathbb{R}^3$ be a vector field that we want to show is conservative, that is, its curl is zero.

Firstly, what would be the representation of a vector field?

My attempt would be:
\textbf{F}(x, y, z) = F_1(x, y, z)\textbf{i} + F_2(x, y, z)\textbf{j} + F_3(x, y, z)\textbf{k}
And since the curl is given by:
\operatorname{curl}\textbf{F} = \operatorname{curl}(F_1 \textbf{i} + F_2 \textbf{j} + F_3 \textbf{k}) = \operatorname{curl}(F_1 \textbf{i} + F_2 \textbf{j} + F_3 \textbf{k}) = \operatorname{curl}(F_1 \textbf{i}) + \operatorname{curl}(F_2 \textbf{j}) + \operatorname{curl}(F_3 \textbf{k}) = 0
Is it correct?


Yes, you’re good. That’s how you’d represent a vector field.
You’re not wrong. Your curl calculation is correct. However, $\oper

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We report a case of a 66-year-old woman affected by a breast mass that was correctly diagnosed by ultrasound as a benign cyst. Subsequent biopsy revealed a breast ductal carcinoma in situ. As a consequence of the mammary duct ductal carcinoma in situ, the patient underwent mastectomy and displayed distant metastasis in the liver. Although rare, breast cancer should be considered in cases of patients with painful breast lumps and with a positive result for “bacterial” pathogens in the blood. Only a histological examination will finally solve the question, as mammary lesions are usually not the cause of such symptoms.Pushing the boundaries of biology, researchers have discovered that two proteins in human cells can convert magnetic energy into light-based energy.

Previously, scientists have shown that they could transform magnetic energy into heat energy via a process called “magneto-caloric effect.” However, the new study has shown that this “magneto-caloric effect” is more than just a product of heat and can be transformed into visible light.

The two proteins that the study used to make the conversion from magnetic energy to light are found in mitochondria, the energy-generating centers of cells. They are known as ATP synthase. The result of this study may represent the first successful example of the use of a natural system to generate electricity from magnetic fields.

Results of the study were published online Sept. 16 in the journal Chemistry.

The study was led by Eitan Kolahdooz, a professor of chemistry and biophysics at the Jacobs School of Music, along with researchers in the new institute he and colleagues formed in early 2017, the Jacobs School of Engineering of the University at Buffalo.

In working on their new institute, Kolahdoo

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