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It is sad to say that some individuals are being more vicious and hateful than ever because of personal reasons that are not their fault.
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Shirts – Kurt Cobain shirt 18k pure gold.Australian teens use their phones in the break between classes to play games.An al-Qaida-inspired group claiming responsibility for an April attack in Saudi Arabia that killed 36 people says it will strike again in retaliation for Riyadh’s bombing campaign in Yemen.

The claim posted Wednesday on Twitter by ISIS’ Sinai Province group says the strike in Abha was in response to what it calls the “crusader presence in the Arab lands,” according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, which tracks extremist media.

The statement did not give further details on the timing or target of the attack, though it suggested it was intended to send a message to the kingdom’s Western allies.

“We are next!” the group said.

The statement, which was posted a day after the blast at the King Fahd International Airport, ends with an appeal to the leaders of Saudi Arabia, the United States and Israel to “stop the aggression and be aware.”

In an undated video released by ISIS and circulated widely online, a masked fighter says the group seized a security checkpoint on the Egyptian side of the Suez Canal following a “successful attack.”

The video shows one fighter, whom ISIS identified as Kaleb, making a broadcast to the world, saying, “We have reached the terminal point of our state, in front of the gate of the abode of our Islam.”

The release of the video by a group that has frequently claimed attacks in Egypt is part of a growing ISIS effort to expand its reach.

Last month, ISIS released a video showing a man speaking in the group’s Arabic-language propaganda magazine, Dabiq, saying Sinai Province is eyeing Egypt and the Horn of Africa. In a key milestone for the group, the magazine was released in English.

The magazine, whose publication is every three months, includes instructions on how the group�

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