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Scala: 2D range class

I am wondering if there is a way to emulate the range class in Scala:
scala> class Range[A,B]
defined class Range


However, when I try to use it as:
scala> def range(x:A):Range[A,A] = Range(x,x)
range: (x: A)Range[A,A]

I get:

found :
(which expands to) :
def range(x:A):Range[A,A] = Range(x,x)

Is there a way to make the compiler happy? (I can resort to something like:
scala> val x = 5
x: Int = 5

scala> class Range[A,B](val x:A, val y:B) {
| def equal(other: Any) = (x == other) && (y == other)
| }
defined class Range

but this looks ugly to me and shouldn’t require any casting or reflection)


The is seen because Int is a subclass of Any, and Scala makes sure the bounds must extend Any, even for your own type definitions.
You could define your own range class, like this:
class Range[A, B](val start:A, val end:B) {
def equal(other: Any): Boolean = (start == other) && (end == other)

And use it as such:
val range:Range[Int,Int]

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