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Homeless Simulator 2 is a small, independent simulation game for mobile devices. In the game you play as a homeless person who is trying to help to survive on the streets. The main aim of the game is to pass the time. There are no quests, there are no tasks to accomplish. If you have to catch a specific number of rabbits, you can do that with the help of the Sheep Creator. But there is something more important: the main purpose of the game is to help people realize the truth of life on the streets and the power of friendship, trust and cooperation. Based on the player’s decisions and actions, the game character will be changed. Also, there are a lot of opportunities to change and develop the main character.

This game is a replica of Star Wars X-Wing Space Fighter! It is an endless flight, designed for iOS and Android.
You will start a space flight from the giant planet of your choice. Your mission is to destroy all enemy ships. In the game, you will fight against space pirates, anonymous attackers, bad robots and different types of enemy crafts.
The different type of weapons, available in the game are: laser, guns, bombs, bomb, lasers, howitzers, etc.
During the game, you will experience a realistic space atmosphere, the flight through different space worlds, the possibility to change your weapons, modify your ship’s characteristics and the ability to fight against impossible players.
Unlike other X-Wing games, this one is designed for iOS and Android!

Make a decision:

Start the game and pilot your ship.

If you are flying alone, select “Attack” option.

If you are in a team, select “Pass” or “Drop” option.

If you are flying alone, select “Wait” option.

If you are flying with a team, select “Take-Off” or “Land” option.

After selecting the appropriate option, you can perform the action necessary to complete the mission.

Start fighting!

You can perform actions during the mission.

Choose your ship and select an action.

Your mission is to destroy all enemy crafts.

You can select more than one action.

If you are flying alone, you can select “Attack”, “Pass” or “Wait”.

If you are flying


Features Key:

  • Collection of tracks by Yuzo Koshiro, Shoji Meguro, Yasuyuki Okamura, Koichi Yamazaki
  • 18 selected BGM tracks
  • 12 Original Soundtracks on CD (2 bonus tracks included)
  • Contents:

    • Disk 1
    • Disk 2
    • Home
    • Product showcase
    • Blog
    • Donations/Promotion
    • Contacts