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The production company of the film has been announced to be the Sony Pictures Entertainment.  Sony produced the film’s first movie in Hindi language and also produced the first Hindi version of Roja Kootam. Sony further plans to collaborate with the director to produce his next film. 

The director told Daily News and Analysis “She has been the guiding light and the dynamism in my life, and has helped me achieve so much more than I ever imagined. And watching her win the first-ever Oscar was the greatest moment of my life. In gratitude for the support she has shown me, and to celebrate our amazing journey together, I want to make the biggest movie I can. I want to dedicate my next movie to her, and pay tribute to her as the artist she is, with all my heart.”

The supporting cast includes  Samantha Morton, Candice Bergen, Holland Taylor, Abigail Breslin, Jordan Nagai, Lea Thompson, and Olivia Olson. Also the cast includes actors John Ratzenberger, Josh C. Bardeen, and Sean Hayes.  The film is set for release on November 26, 2019. The film is a sequel to the Disney animated film Frozen.

Before her death, Anna “inspired the entire world by her grace,” Robert Greenberger, the executive vice president and general counsel at the Motion Picture Association, said at the time of her death. “She was the force that brought the story of Elsa and Anna to life for millions of families around the world. She was a fierce advocate and outspoken opponent of online piracy. She truly personified what it means to be part of the MPAA’s family.”

Elsa, the sole princess of the kingdom of Arendelle, is isolated and depressed following a curse placed upon her by her wicked sister, Queen Anna. When Elsa’s magical powers are revealed and the power of her freezing abilities are unleashed, she is stripped of her title and stripped of her home of Arendelle.

Now imprisoned in the North Mountain dungeon, her powers unchecked, she quickly grows restless, wanting to make amends for her mistakes and set things right. Her only company is a brief exchange with a unique snow creature, who later freezes her hands and feet off as punishment. She is almost immediately set free, with several villagers remarking that her hands are almost back to normal and that she is now completely

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