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09-09 07:31 PM

Attn: India and German citizens.

I need something like this.. I’ve received a PR from a company regarding my h1b visa status change.

The company has a registered office in Mumbai and they have a branch office in

San Diego California. They tried to reach me by email and my wife’s email. They have no phone number on the PR and they sent email and letter to my wife’s address.

This PR is highly essential and I need to have the company address whether it be for reply or how they reached us because my wife has to be present at the Service Center when my h1b is processed.

Attached are 2 photocopies of the PR and the one is stamped with the address and a

sample message they sent to my wife. They are saying they are reaching out to my wife as I was not in India at the time they sent the copy to my wife. I have no other address than my wife’s address at the moment.

Again they have no phone numbers in the PR and my wife’s email is the only address we know and I cant get a hold of my wife as she is in the US. In short the PR does not look professional at all as it is just a sample copy and is handwritten.

Due to I am outside India I don’t know where the law of India is being applied and which state authority is dealing with this matter.

I’d like to know what I need to have or what should I put in the PR? I am afraid if I reply with the detail of a company contact whom I have never heard of before I will have to identify myself to some authority and it will create a huge problem if this company is illegal.

I was once contacted by a company in London with a letter from the local authority in England as well as the company saying it will be investigated if I don’t do something.

Should I do something?

Do the Indian authorities have any file on my account before I change jobs?

Should I put anything in the PR that has the office address in London as I don’t know if this is correct?

I am out of India right now and am not aware of the law I need to follow and what I need to do. I did an h1b extension recently and I want to avoid any new problems should I fail to follow the

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