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Nufsoft Nature Illusion Studio Pro Keygen

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Nature Illusion allows you to apply various effects such as water, weather, or sound effects on any image to emulate various natural.The present invention relates to a centrifugal separator in which a substance to be separated by a centrifugal force is subjected to a filtration action by rotating a filter element by means of a drive device.
Conventionally, a filtration device of this type is widely used in a water purification apparatus.
One type of such conventional filtration device, as shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, is such that a motor 1 drives a filter element 2 together with a water intake pipe 3 by means of an endless belt 4. A substance to be separated by a centrifugal force from the water flowing through the water intake pipe 3 flows through an opening 5 of the filter element 2.
Another conventional filtration device is shown in FIG. 3. In this example, a rotational shaft 6 is vertically mounted to be rotatable about the axis of a water intake pipe 8 in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the pipe 8. A water intake fitting 7 is attached on the downstream side of the water intake pipe 8. A drive shaft 9, of a water intake pump A, is rotatably fitted on the rotational shaft 6.
A water filter F is fitted on the upstream side of the drive shaft 9, with the outer circumference of the filter F being in contact with the inner circumference of a water intake fitting 10. The filter F is in contact with the interior of the water intake pipe 8, so that the water flowing through the water intake pipe 8 is filtered by the filter F.
In this conventional example, the drive shaft 9 is rotated by the operation of the water intake pump A by means of a pump motor. In other words, the rotational force of the drive shaft 9 is converted into a rotational force of a belt 11 and the like which drive a rotor 13 through a pulley 12. Rotation of the rotor 13 is transmitted to the rotational shaft 6 through a belt 14, and the rotational force is applied to the filter element 2 by means of the rotational shaft 6.

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