Common problem in networking

Common problem in networking


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I’ve been on a search for hours but I cant find whats wrong with my code. I am trying to search for a specific text within an html file but Im having trouble. The code is here. Please help
. 00 bytes
This is a list of file signatures, data used to identify or verify the content of a file. Such signatures are also known as magic numbers or Magic Bytes.
Please try to identify the daily error log of your domain. If you had a monthly error log you can access them in your account area (under logs)


Using SED
When you use SED you can search for and insert text, in this example $matching_string will be inserted after the last occurrence of on the HTML page.
$ echo ‘

some content

‘ | sed -r’s///gp’

With awk
Another way of doing it would be to pass the awk command in to shell (use the -v option to pass shell variable to awk), eg:
$ awk ‘//{n=NR}1’ $YOUR_HTML_FILE

The file parameters can be set in the awk variable YFDFILE =
Where YFDFILE is a shell variable holding the name of the file passed from the shell, and 1 is the awk condition (if line contains a regular expression then 1 is true), or
$ awk -v YFDFILE = /path/to/file/YFDFILE ‘$YFDFILE{n=NR}1’

Titration of a high-fat meal based on acylated ghrelin and GLP-1: an exploratory study.
Excessive dietary fat intake has been associated with enhanced hunger and weight gain. Emerging data suggest that the neuropeptide ghrelin and its receptor, the growth hormone secretagogue receptor, may have a role in energy homeostasis. As the data from the recent ghrelin receptor knockout studies are still inconclusive, the aim of this exploratory study was to examine the metabolic and appetite effects of an

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